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The Sundance Premier League will take place on Monday nights at Club Pickleball USA in Orem. This League will span five weeks with seven Regular Season Matches followed by a playoff on week five with a prize of $20,000 on the line.

April 8: One match
April 15: Two matches
April 22: Two matches
April 29: Two matches
May 6: Semifinals and Finals (and a third-place match)

Regular season

Enjoy our 4-week round robin play

The format of Regular Season play will be a round robin format where each team will play every other team one time over the course of four weeks. The image below illustrates the play schedule for this season.

Play Schedule

April 8
Match 1 of 1
April 15
Match 1 of 2
April 15
Match 2 of 2
April 22
Match 1 of 2
April 22
Match 2 of 2
April 29
Match 1 of 2
April 29
Match 2 of 2

Standings and substitutions

Substitutes must have a doubles DUPR equal to (up to a tenth difference) or less than the player for whom they are substituting. Any teams found breaking this rule will forfeit the game(s) in which that substitute player is found playing, however, any points scored will still count. Men can only sub for men and women can only sub for women.

Team Rosters

Team Thorn

John Thorn

Dodo Kong

Mele Toli

Logan Schneider

Team Schwendiman

Thatcher Schwendiman

Ella Boydston

Clayton Boydston

Brenna Murray

Team Larson

Bryce Larson

Max Nadauld

Paige Miles

Jaci Reynolds

Team Brandt

Rob Brandt

Gerald Ferrer

Erika Pliner

Mary Monson

Team Hall

Dave Hall

Lauren Wong

Maddy Rasmussen

Quen Wilson

Team Lundberg

Bryan Lundberg

Kace Heiner

Jenny Cutler

Erin Kern

Team Stratton

Rob Stratton

Lilly Goodwin

Courtney Stratton

Scott Stratton

Team DuJardin

Yo DuJardin

Brooke Bromley

Michael Bunn

Barrett Croft

Team Stratton
Team Miles
Team Lundberg
Team Thiriot
Team Nilson
Team Porter
Team Murray
Team Toli

Championship Day

Take home the ultimate pickleball prize

The top four teams from the Regular Season will advance to the Playoffs on Monday, May 6. The winners of the Semifinals will advance to the Finals which will be played on the same night. A third-place match will also take place.

  • First Place Prize: $16,000
  • Second Place Prize: $3,200
  • Third Place Prize: $800

The tiebreakers to determine teams advancing from the Regular Season to the Playoffs are:

  1. Match Wins
  2. Games Net
  3. Points Won %

Ready to compete

Join the Sundance League

Game day

What to expect

Matches will be held on Monday evenings at Club Pickleball USA in Orem starting at 6:00 PM. Jerseys will be provided to each player and they are expected to wear them each week.

Players are expected to warm up and be ready to play when it is time for their Match. Players should not expect additional warm up after the Match has started.

Team Captains

Match day expectations

Team Captains will be responsible for communicating with Sundance League officials regarding doubles team designations and singles Tiebreakers rotations. If a Team Captain is unable to fulfill her/his duties, they must designate a substitute captain.

During the match, all communications related to rules of the competition must come from the Team Captain only and are to be addressed by the Commissioner or someone whom the Commissioner designates with that authority. Any interpretation by anyone other than the Commissioner or the designated representative(s) will not by an official Sundance League stance on the rules.

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